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Diana Janssen, director of BNO

Diana Janssen new director BNO

On 1 March, Diana Janssen has taken office as the new director of the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO). She succeeds Madeleine van Lennep, who has successfully led the BNO for the past 10 years and will retire in April.

BNO president Herbert Seevinck: “With Diana Janssen as the new Director of BNO we are looking forward to taking the association to its next phase, with even more emphasis on digitisation, data and other opportunities offered by new technologies. Diana has an eye for the transformative value and capabilities of designers in relation to urgent social issues. In addition, she knows and has experienced the value and potential of an association.”

After her master’s degrees in Communication Science and Language & Literature, Janssen worked as head of digital services at Radio Netherlands, among others, and as secretary media and e-culture at the Council for Culture. Since 2006, she has been director of the DDMA (Data-Driven Marketing Association), focusing on the economic, social and legal aspects of data and marketing. Under her leadership, the DDMA has developed into a thriving organisation with 16 employees, with some 370 companies and organisations affiliated. On her decision to accept the directorship of the BNO, Janssen says: “I have been following the work of Dutch designers with great interest for many years and am fascinated by their intelligent and innovative approach to the many issues we’re facing as a global society. I look forward to adding beautiful new chapters to the rich history of Dutch design together with the members of BNO.”

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