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Documentary Filming for the EU Funded Project of Turkey Design Council

The activities of the ‘Crafts from Anatolia, Design from Europe’, which was launched in April 2021, continues. Turkey Design Council coordinates the project financed under the “Grant Scheme for Common Cultural Heritage: Preservation and Dialogue between Turkey and the EU–II (CCH-II) in partnership with Brumen Foundation (Slovenia) and Traditional Arts Association (Turkey).

Within the scope of this project, which was launched to carry the Anatolian crafts at risk of disappearance into the future through intercultural cooperation, it is aimed to spread the examples of ancient values combined with contemporary designs in Turkey and Europe. Ceramics (Iznik style), felt making, quilting, stone carving, and inlaying will be promoted in Europe during this project.

For this reason, a video archive of Anatolian crafts will be prepared in August and September by making short documentaries in which each master explains the ropes of craft, materials, and production techniques in their workshop.

After filming in Istanbul, Konya and Kütahya; short documentaries will be shared with European institutions in a communication meeting that is planned to be organised at the end of October. In the next phase of the project, European designers will be called for reinterpreting the ancient production disciplines of Anatolia with the current approaches of their expertise and submit their design ideas.

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