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DRIVE 2021

Design Research & Innovation Festival 18-22 October 2021

DRIVE is coming up again! Just like last year, the Design Research & Innovation Festival will take place in De Effenaar, during the Dutch Design Week. And just like last year, we – together with Design United are turning it into a hybrid and interactive event that you can join from home.

Five different themes in five days. Mobility, Circular & Biobased Building, Health, Safety and Food & Water will each be in the spotlight.

DRIVE takes place from 18-22 October and will be broadcast live daily between 10.30am and 11.30am.

See the schedule at: DRIVE festival:
Since 2013, we have been putting innovative projects and project results at the interface of knowledge and innovation in the spotlight every year during DRIVE. These projects come from designers, researchers or preferably from a consortium that includes both. The projects delivered results that were important not only for the project themselves but also for future challenges. Insights that concern, for example, new methods and ways of creating engagement, stimulating desire, creating value or even encouraging system change.

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