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Dutch designers Yearbook

The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) launches its first issue of Dutch designers Yearbook. One year of Dutch design in one publication: from award-winning design to this year’s iconic designers. Discover the resilience of designers in times of crisis, and the value of design to future challenges.

Dutch designers are noted worldwide for their originality and daring innovations, and their work penetrates the capillaries of our society. Design is everywhere and the world seems makeable. This is an image to which the unorthodox methods and creative power of designers contribute. Although the Covid-19 crisis is fundamentally affecting the creative sector, the accompanying major social and economic challenges facing the world also offer many opportunities. How resilient is the design sector and how can it contribute to the necessary transitions?

Dutch designers Yearbook describes the design year 2020 and looks to the future. The bilingual book (Dutch/English) offers a candid take on what designers are thinking and making now: through essays and interviews, remarkable graduation projects from Dutch design schools, award-winning work and portraits of iconic design heroes such as Simon Dogger, Christien Meindertsma, Taco Carlier, Harald Dunnink and Bas Timmer.

Dutch designers Yearbook 2020 is an initiative and production by BNO, the largest professional community of designers and design agencies in the Netherlands.

The book is published in collaboration with nai010 publishers, and is available in bookshops worldwide as well as online.

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Dutch designers Yearbook € 29,95 | Dutch/English | ISBN 978-94-6208-625-8
Also available as e-book € 19,95 | ISBN 978-94-6208-628-9

Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)
The Association of Dutch Designers, known by its Dutch abbreviation BNO. The BNO represents designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. We promote their business, social and cultural interests. We bring together over 2,500 individual designers, as well as 200 design agencies and design departments within companies.

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