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EIT Culture & Creativity Launches First Open Calls for Proposals

EIT Culture & Creativity is calling for your proposals to be included in the Business Plan 2024-25.

EIT Culture & Creativity invites you to take part in shaping the first foundations of their emerging ecosystem with activities in the different areas of EDUCATION, INNOVATION, CREATION and SOCIETY.

EIT Culture & Creativity released its first open Calls for Proposals. It invites applications for activities that have the potential to strengthen entrepreneurship, innovation capacity and accelerate the competitiveness of European Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) and Europe’s Green, Digital and Social Transitions.

There are 5 calls for proposals:

  • Call 1 (education): Talent Scaler
  • Call 2 (education): Skills Fitter
  • Call 3 (innovation): Breakthrough Lab
  • Call 4 (creation): Venture Factory
  • Call 5 (society): Community Catalyser

Application Period: 17 April 2023 – 31 May 2023
Online Info Day: 25 April 2023. (Registration for the event is mandatory – register here).
More Information:[…]hrough-lab

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