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In December 2020, ACE launched an European call for a new, all-encompassing visual identity. This call aimed at encouraging innovative and holistic thinking: designers were invited to enter the competition with the same spirit of open minded creativity.

Presentation of the winning entry – April 2021
Red&Grey agency (Ireland) has won the call and has been recommended to ACE to design its new visual identity.

Selected out of 62 projects from 13 countries, the Irish studio, according to the International Jury, was praised for “a very strong identity design concept presentation – combining research that is as thorough as it is profound, insightful strategic thinking and an imaginative identity design toolkit.

The identity visualisation included an original narrative and linguistic content that would encourage the client and designer to work together in a new creative and open process of dialogue. Their design approach showed an understanding of the ACE story and effectively captured the world of architecture in a logically built concept and an original toolkit of parts. It was noted that the recommendation to develop a custom designed typeface would make for a highly original identity for ACE. The overall presentation brings an exciting design vision and the examples shown bring this to life very effectively across office stationery, signage, display and print promotion.

The applications were reviewed by an International Jury composed of : Walter Bohatsch (Bohatsch und partner); Martin Gaffney (DesignWorks); Jan Kosatko (Studio Kosatko); georg pendl (ACE President); Selma Harrington (ACE Vice-President) and Pavel Martinek (ACE Executive Board member).

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