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Exploring Hungarian Art and Design: Upcoming Regional Events in October

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) is welcoming those interested in Hungarian design and art culture for two major design events in October 2023.

For the 25th Annual Designblok in Prague HFDA opens the Budapest Select exhibition in cooperation with the Liszt Institute in Prague between the 4 and 8 October 2023. The Budapest Select exhibition showcases representatives of the Hungarian silicate industry, a craft with a rich history both in terms of applied arts and history. Renowned ceramicists and glass designers with significant influence on both the domestic and international levels present their work, combining artistic examples with historical context.

HFDA is organizing the multi-awarded 360 Design Budapest event series for the fourth time between the 17 and 22 October, which, this year, in addition to designers, also presents the works of industrial and fine artists. More than 160 objects of almost 60 well-known and emerging local, as well as regional creators, professional lectures, exclusive guided tours, exciting programs and side events await attendees at the Adria Palace and throughout Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. A special guest of the event series is one of the most prominent icons in contemporary international design, Rossana Orlandi. Emphasizing the significance of professional collaboration and enriched with side events, 360 Design Budapest, spread across various installation spaces, offers a unique opportunity to explore the entire spectrum of Hungarian and regional design, industrial and fine arts.

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) was founded in 2018 to support every actor in the fashion and design industry in an efficient and structured way, following predetermined strategic pillars: professional coordination, enhancing Hungarian brands’ availability and trade opportunities, and educational and manufacturing development. To realise its goals, the HFDA organises domestic events each year, such as the region’s major fashion event, the Budapest Central European Fashion Week, or the international award-winner 360 Design Budapest exhibition.

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