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From Turkey Design Council and Istanbul Technical University: Strategic Design and Management Program

The program aims to provide the designers with information about the basic concepts and techniques related to the management and business world, how these issues are applied in the business world and the function and visibility of design at different levels. The program also brings together the necessary perspectives and competencies for professionals who can be involved in multidimensional issues and processes such as innovation, strategy development, working with a multidisciplinary approach, questioning the solutions of current problems, and critical thinking.

Having the characteristics of the Mikro Design MBA program, this education includes some prominent courses of the Istanbul Technical University Industrial Design and Business Master’s program and the knowledge and experience-based courses of experts in the field. The participants are offered courses that provide skills in the basic areas of strategic design such as Design Management, Finance Management, Integrated Communication Design, Innovation and Design-Oriented Thinking, and seminars that enable them to meet with design management professionals and transfer knowledge and experience.

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