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Furnitur International Furniture Design Competition Winners Announced

Furnitur International Furniture Design Competition, encourages the design of products that question the definition of functional, sustainable and practical.Turkey Design Council and İstikbal Furniture invited designers, architects, engineers, and everyone motivated in creative production to Furnitur Design Competition. The competition aims to investigate innovative ideas that provide the necessities of the future living and to create next-generation living units and types of furniture through design, aesthetics, digital and physical experiences, adaptability, sustainable manufacturing, and material technology.

Within the scope of the second year of Furnitur International Furniture Design Competition, the participants were asked to develop home-office furniture design ideas for the new generation living and working spaces suitable for home-office practices.

As the digital revolution gains momentum, it is increasingly important to imagine what the effects could be and adapt to the age of innovation. All these developments, directly or indirectly, cause unique transformations in our daily lives.

The jury met on the 16-17 January 2021, where more than 300 projects were evaluated.

Winners were announced on 20 January 2021, for more information visit

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