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Gdynia Design Days 2020

Join us this summer.

Now is the time to plan your visit to Gdynia Design Days, taking place between 4th and 12th July 2020. Save the dates!Gdynia Design Days (GDD) is a top Baltic design festival. Each year, our international audience can takae part in events related to the most topical issues in the field of design. Our activities include exhibitions, workshops, lectures and discussions that cover topics such as technology, process design, ecology, design, fashion, architecture, urban development and crafts. Exhibitions, in particular, offer an amazing opportunity to learn more about international projects and collaborate with experts from around the world.

During Gdynia Design Days, we intend to demonstrate that good design can become an effective tool to solve complex problems. We will showcase interesting solutions that encourage producers to be more responsible for the common good, and empower consumers with knowledge they need to be conscious about their impact on the environment. Let’s find out where overconsumption has led us. This is our chance to reflect on the importance of water in our culture in order to better and more wisely use existing resources. Finally, data will be presented as a new, valuable currency, while we also convey the threats related to the lack of ethics in the digital world.

Like each year, GDD participants will have an opportunity to be part of Design talks Business Summit, an event addressed to entrepreneurs, designers and architects of change. This year’s focus is the strategic use of design processes in business and creating value both for the user and the broadly considered stakeholders.

We encourage everyone to join DtB Summit between 10th–11th July 2020.

It’s time to design!

What: Gdynia Design Days 2020
When: 4th–12th July 2020
Where: PPNT Gdynia | al. Zwycięstwa 96/98 | Gdynia | Poland
For more information, visit: contact: Michalina Domoń | | +48 58 88 08 218

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