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f.l.t.r.: Prof. Mike Richter, Prof. hc. Dr. hc, Peter Pfeiffer, Lutz Dietzold.

German Design Council: New presiding committee

The presiding committee of the German Design Council Foundation elected a new presiding committee on 7 October. At the annual meeting in Berlin, the foundation members voted on the twelve-member governing body for the next four years. Prof. Mike Richter (photo left) was elected as the new president. He succeeds Prof. h.c. Dr. h.c. Peter Pfeiffer, who had held the office since 2007.

Richter is a professor at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, co-founder of the international consultancy Icon Group, the IoT company banbutsu and the eSports investor Veritags Entertainment. »It is my central objective to continue to strengthen design in Germany,« Richter describes his role as future president. »Germany has an established design tradition, the strength of which we need to be aware of in order to continue to have advantages over the competition in the future. I am looking forward to tackling these tasks with the presiding committee and Lutz Dietzold, the CEO of the German Design Council, and to driving forward future issues together.«

Learn more about the new presiding committe HEREf.l.t.r.: Prof. Mike Richter, Prof. hc. Dr. hc, Peter Pfeiffer, Lutz Dietzold.
Photo: Franziska Finsterer, Grand Visions

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