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Have your Say to the EC on Cybersecurity – New rules for digital products and ancillary services until 25 May 2022

The European Commission would like to hear your views on the Cyber resilience act – new cybersecurity rules for digital products and ancillary services.

This call for evidence is open for feedback. Your input will be taken into account as we further develop and fine-tune this initiative.

This is an important issue for all digital driven businesses and will influence how the digital products will have to be designed in the future.

Through this consultation, the Commission would like to gather:

  • stakeholders’ views on current and emerging problems related to the cyber security of digital products and associated services, including non-embedded software;
  • stakeholders’ views on the possible policy approaches to address such problems, the available options and their potential impacts; and
  • evidence and data underpinning the identified problems.

We encourage our members to take part until 25 May 2022HERE

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