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Hellenic Design Centre

Hellenic Design Centre Launched the First Training & Certification Programme for Design Thinking Practitioners in Greece

The Hellenic Design Centre initiated the first Training & Certification Programme for Design Thinking Practitioners in Greece. The three-day Training Programme was successfully implemented by KEPA and HDC in collaboration with the Inspection and Certification body, TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD).

Under the guidance of the Design Thinking experts and facilitators of KEPA and the Hellenic Design Centre team, the participants had the opportunity to:

  • understand the importance of Design Thinking methodology and discover new trends in the field of Design
  • find out the roots of this methodology and how it evolved
  • listen to success stories of companies and organizations that applied the Design Thinking methodology
  • get to know the steps and tools of this methodology
  • work as a team in real-time with specific challenges set for them
  • make use of the tools they have learned, to better understand the procedures followed by the Design Thinking methodology in an experiential way
  • formulate proposed solutions that respond to the needs of the challenge

Upon completion of the training program, participants are able to use Design Thinking as a methodology to develop innovative solutions (products and/or services) that serve the needs of their users/customers. In addition, the knowledge and tips that the participants attained, enable them to take part in the certification exams conducted by the TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) Inspection and Certification body.

This educational programme introduces to the Hellenic community the globally recognized and valuable methodology while also signalling the beginning of a series of programmes focused on Design Thinking nationwide.

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