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Welcome to the digital business community of the fashion and design industry! – HFDA Spot

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency started its journey in 2018 with the aim of providing efficient, structured and coordinated professional support to all actors in the fashion and design sector. As an integrative and coordinative organisation, HFDA brings all players of the industry to a common platform – including designers, manufacturers and, investors as well. Now, this platform already exists online too – it’s called HFDA Spot!

What does HFDA Spot offer?
If you are looking for sales or cooperation opportunities, or plan to extend your team, you have a place at HFDA Spot. The digital platform opens new doors for professional networking. With a wide range of functions, you can find customers, business partners and employees that absolutely fit your ideas. More than 100 Hungarian manufacturers and designers use this platform who perfectly reflect the tradition of the Hungarian design industry, which have been at the forefront of Europe for many decades.

Build your fashion & design network!
Hungarian manufacturers are best known for their high added value – the production covers the entire value chain from product design to final, packaging/logistics tasks and not only are they supervised, but the vast majority perform all steps in house – so you can count on our professionals throughout the whole process thanks to their extensive know-how.

Now it is time for you to discover it!
Hungarian designers and manufacturers with international potential are waiting for you on the site, who can bring a new colour to your operation, as they perfectly combine tradition with modern and sustainable solutions. By cooperating with them you are on the right path to international success.

Are you ready for that?

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