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My Buemann, DDC

How do we build courage to design for good?

We need courage more than ever. As designers and human beings of this planet.

Designers have always been at the forefront of creating meaning and adding value to the world. As such, designers are also partly responsible for the world’s challenges due to enormous consumption and the pursuit of financial growth, with too little attention paid to the long-term negative effects. Our peer-ancestors designed this. I firmly believe that the design community is part of the solution. To design only for good. To design solutions that are more sustainable, more regenerative, juster, and more life-enhancing. Service designers have that responsibility – and the right skills and tools to make it happen.

Design is in demand
People, businesses, politicians, and governments have already acknowledged this: The importance of design cannot be overstated.

During the Service Design Global Conference hosted in Copenhagen in Oct 2022, 385 in-person attendees in Copenhagen, 570 virtual attendees representing 47 countries co-created The Courage To Design For Good Pledge.

We hope this can inspire you too – both in terms of mindset and action.

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Last updated: 01/02/23

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