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Barcelona Design Week | Barcelona Design Week 2023: Human/AI Design Challenge

Human/AI Design Challenge for Design Schools Around the World

Barcelona Design Week: Design for Human Future seeks, among its objectives, to open a reflection on how to improve the balance between human creativity and artificial intelligence. For this reason, this year the festival is organizing the Human/AI Design Challenge, a challenge for students from design schools around the world where they will have to carry out a graphic design project assisted by AI content generation algorithms.

The final result must be a 70×100 cm poster on the theme Design for Human Future, the images and visual content of which must be original. In addition, the project must be accompanied by an explanation of the use that has been made of Artificial Intelligence for its realization.

The finalist posters will be selected to be part of an exhibition that can be visited during BDW’23. The winner will receive the BDW-CASA SEAT prize of 1,500 euros, which will be announced at a public event on 25 October.

Deadline: 27 September, 13:00 CET (GMT +2) – for the presentation of posters

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