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The Whale: Mir

ICONIC AWARDS 2021: Innovative Architecture: The winners

This year’s winners have now been announced and can set themselves clearly apart from their competitors thanks to their title. The special awards, which each come with EUR 10,000 in prize money, were presented to Dorte Mandrup (»Architects of the Year«) and X+Living (»Interior Designers of the Year«). The “Architects’ Client of the Year” honour went to CITTA Foundation.

The jury awarded prizes to the best works in the categories »Architecture«, »Interior«, »Product«, »Communication«, »Concept« and the overall category »Innovative Material«. In addition, prizes were awarded in particular to projects dedicated to ecological concepts ranging from timber construction to urban mining.

See all winners HEREThe Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture set trends in architecture 2021 HEREImage: Dorte Mandrup, The Whale: Mir

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