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Join Dutch Design Week 2020 live or virtually

Come explore and experience!
From 17-25 OCTOBER | #DDW20

Dutch Design Foundation has the pleasure to welcome international audiences to Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2020! These challenging times demand more than ever for creative and inventive collaborations to come to solutions for urgent global problems. So from 17-25 October 2020, join, connect and contribute where you can. If you cannot attend the live edition than for sure take part virtually.

DDW 2020 will be a real hybrid design festival offering a free platform and exposure to a large international audience for all design professionals, graduates and organizations coming from every corner on the planet. Visitors can choose to join a tour around topics like the New Intimacy, Future Cities, Connected Living, Sustainable Products. Or make their own selection and stroll/scroll through the DDW 2020 participants online 3D viewing rooms, watch their live streams or videos, have a chat, ask questions or give advice. They can even leave a donation to support. DDW TV will bring a diverse talks & conference program.

People that have the opportunity to visit this extraordinary edition live can book visits to 30 locations spread over Eindhoven with exhibitions covering all design disciplines and a diversity of themes.

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