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KEPA Applies Design Thinking Methodology to “i-Game” Project

A multi-dimensional consortium of actors from the technology, entrepreneurship, and cultural world, coordinates the new European project “i-Game” under “HE Programme”.

Recognizing the importance of the role of video games in the contemporary cultural environment, the newly launched three-year European project, “i-Game”, aims to create an inclusive open-source game development platform that will facilitate their co-creation by different stakeholders, in cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSI), to boost innovation with a positive impact on social cohesion and sustainability.

This accessible and inclusive platform will facilitate the participation of a diverse group of stakeholders, enriching the community with advanced ideas and backgrounds, enabling the creation of new alliances, solutions and bringing to light new opportunities. Additionally, the collaborative platform will support the project community, beyond offering a wealth of digital tools in defining, designing, and developing relationships, partnerships, and games. Key elements to ultimately transform the initiative into an ecosystem where participants find motivation and inspiration, connect personal goals with those of other stakeholders, and share the knowledge generated.

The Business and Cultural Development Centre – KEPA having successfully implemented projects related to the Cultural & Creative Industries (CCIs), contributes to this joint consortium by incorporating the Design Thinking Methodology and promoting innovative solutions aimed at designers/developers and end users of the gaming industry, culture (museums) and the fashion and textile sectors.

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