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lille-design launches its exhibitions as part of Lille Métropole 2020

LOUVRE DESIGN – Louvre Lens, Lens
7th October 2020 – 1st February 2021

Mankind has been making objects for a very long time. And these objects tell a story.

The Musée du Louvre’s collections of objects reveal the skill, ingenuity, aesthetic sense and refnement of our ancestors down the ages. They also tell us about how societies were organised and how knowledge, rituals and manufacturing techniques were transmitted, as well as about necessity and desire, the essential and the superfluous. The exhibition sets up a dialogue between a selection of these artefacts and objects of design.

The history of design is told without reference to the history of the material world that preceded it, but Louvre-Design sets out to re-establish this link through couplings conceived from the perspective of the permanence of uses.

DESIGN, PLEASE DO SO! – MUBA Eugène Leroy, Tourcoing
10th October 2020 – 10th January 2021

The constantly changing world of design is everywhere in our daily lives and offers effective innovative solutions for every aspect of life: social, economic or environmental.

The exhibition, called Design: please do so, uses a playful and joyful presentation to display the products and work of the young local, regional and cross-border designers. It describes the way in which these creators perceive the world and expresses their current points of view and concerns, in dialogue with the works in the museum.

This exhibition aims to offer a multi-sensory experience to the visitor while breathing new life into the connection the individual has with the object and to get a better idea of the range and scope of the applications of design: object, product, industrial, space, graphic, textile, UX/UI, etc.

15th October 2020 – 3rd January 2021

The exhibition deals with the clash between the strong regional industrial history and the views and current practices of designers. This project aims to promote the Hauts-de-France region and its know-how. It highlights the added value of design within a business environment, its openness to innovation, differentiation and competitiveness.

Iconic companies rewarded for their exceptional know-how are associated with designers, under the watchful eye of Alain Fleischer, filmmaker, to document these collaborations. The result is the production of new objects, a true celebration of living heritage, elevated to a sacred status for the duration of an exhibition and compared with films of testimonials.

Business-designer pairings:
Jérôme de Alzua x Briqueterie Lamour
Sam Baron x Maison Drucker
Elise Fouin x Jules Pansu
Fonderies de Sougland

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