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Lithuanian Design Week, 11-17 October 2021

This year’s Lithuanian Design Week, organised by the Lithuanian Design Forum, will take place from 11-17 October. The festival invites us to transcend all possible concepts, definitions, and the limits of thinking about design and its essence!

The theme of this years Design Week is symbiosis. It is a long-term relationship between different species of organisms, the simplest explanation of which would be coexistence. Lithuanian Design Forum uses this rather complex but extremely flexible term, converts it into a topic for the design field, and raises questions: what form of symbiosis could be found in design and its surrounding environment? Is it possible to reconcile incompatibilities and achieve a certain level of coexistence?

During this year’s festival Design Week invite to consider together the coexistence of two closely related organisms – design and society – in symbiosis, providing mutual benefits and creating something original, fresh, and necessary for today.

Just like any other living organism or process, design is also capable of mutating and adapting to the existing environment and its factors. Living between constant reality and digital reality, and as if balancing between two-dimensional worlds, questions inevitably arise about what is real and necessary, and what is to be rejected and unnecessary or even harmful. Design and its environment – no exception.

One of the most important aspects of design is sustainability. It is not only sustainable materials but also sustainable thinking when both and developer and manufacturer or user of the product is thinking about the necessity and functionality of the object in everyday life. So what stands as a symbiosis between Lithuanian design and sustainability or between Lithuanian sustainable use and what Lithuanian designers offer to the market? This is a crucial issue.

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