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Month Of Design Ljubljana 2019

Month Of Design Ljubljana 2019

From 8th of October to 8th of November the 17th Month Of Design attracted the most proactive creators from the 19 Southeast European countries to Slovenia.

Popular regional awards were granted in four main categories: product design & fashion, interior design, innovative wood technology and creative tourism.

The students of Faculty of Design also received the following awards: Nataša Avsenik for Variation of reconstruction of school hall, M. Duščak, J.Kunej, L.Razinger, J.Skok, A.Štok, K.Remic, A.Arh, M.Zgonec, S.Badovinac Bajuk, K.Hiti for Glamping next to Kočevsko lake, A.Deronja, S.Kresal, V.Makaus, N. Simonič, N.Zadravec, K.Češnovar, T. Štefančič, K.Peganec for Games for the people with dementia and K.Čerin, P.Slokan, N.Auberšek, V.Hafner, M.Cvelbar, L.Dragnić, M.Kunstelj, A.Lopatič for Urbanbee – Urban beekeeping and the challenge in design.

The Month of Design is an annual event held in the city of Ljubljana every autumn for the whole month from October till November.

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