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NEB / Rebuilding Ukraine Together

NEB actions for Ukraine – pre-enrolment available

In March, the NEB together with Ukrainian partners (Covenant of Mayors East, Ro3kvit, ReThink) and NEB Partners (Architects’ Council of Europe, Housing Europe and Eurocities) will launch a capacity-building programme for Ukrainian municipalities to prepare the reconstruction.

These and other NEB activities in Ukraine will be boosted through a new ‘Phoenix’ initiative. As immediate steps, it will develop and put at the disposal of Ukrainian cities cutting-edge expertise from the NEB community in affordable and sustainable reconstruction. It will also network Ukrainian cities with like-minded ones in the EU to exchange experiences on their way to climate neutrality and more energy efficiency. It will combine funding from the Horizon Europe Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and from the LIFE Programme, with immediate mobilisation of at least €7 million for these preparatory actions.

“We will turn the destruction of the war into opportunities to build a beautiful and healthy future for Ukrainians”

Ursula von der Leyen

The capacity-building programme will be launched with a set of introductory modules that will offer both inspiration and practical help for different stakeholders within municipalities involved in the reconstruction and rebuilding of Ukraine based on the values of the European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus. The modules have a direct link to the reality on the ground as the topics are based on a thorough assessment of the needs of Ukrainian municipalities (Hromadas) conducted in autumn 2022. The introductory modules will be conducted in the Ukrainian and English language with simultaneous translation.

The pre-enrolment for the first module is already available. The target audience of the module are teams from small, medium and large municipalities in Ukraine. As this module is there to raise awareness for the topic and the capacity-building programme, it is also addressed towards different political levels in Ukraine.

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Last updated: 19/02/23

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