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NEB Local Chapters: Share Your Feedback and Proposals

New Europen Bauhaus Local Chapters launched a consultation on the NEB Local Chapters concept note (download file). The concept note is based on the inputs from the NEB community and describes:

  • Key principles guiding the operation of NEB Local Chapters;
  • Role of NEB Local Chapters;
  • Support for NEB Local Chapters.

But the co-design process is not over. NEB Local Chapters want to hear from you. Tell what you think about the NEB Local Chapter concept and how you think it can be improved further.

You can contribute to the second co-design phase by:

  • Commenting and editing (please use track changes) the concept note or;
  • Summarize your feedback and proposal(s) in a note.

Please share your feedback (in any form) by sending it to Borut Cink at until 21 April 2023.

Many thanks to everyone that have already contributed to the co-design process.

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