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New Finnish Designers Platform Makes it Easier to Find Design Professionals

The renewed platform offers a unique place to find Finnish design and art professionals. The Finnish Designers service aims to ease the process of acquiring design and to promote Finnish design internationally.

Finnish design professionals now have a new platform to showcase their design skills and portfolios.

The Finnish Designers service offers design professionals a place to present their work and expertise. It’s a place where employers and clients who utilise design can find skilled employees, says Ornamo Art and Design Finland’s expert Anna Rikkinen.

“Contemporary design is a multidisciplinary, international and creative field. The platform design caters to different career paths and needs of design professionals”, Rikkinen states.

Currently, the design industry is the employer’s market, as design thinking is needed in many new fields as well. Especially in the software, digital and gaming industries there is enormous demand for professional design expertise. The Finnish Designers service helps companies and employers utilising design to easily familiarise themselves with the expertise of different professionals. To reach design experts, visitors can also create a recruitment advertisement on the platform.

The Design Jobs recruitment service helps employers find design professionals easily. To serve a wide range of needs, Design Jobs also gathers information about competitions in the field, as well as project and internship applications.

“We want to help designers get employment in their field quickly and make it easy for companies to find the most suitable expert for their project or internship, or for long-term employment,” Rikkinen sums up.

Expertise of design professionals is valued

The majority of employed design professionals work in private enterprises in various fields. Design is widely utilised, from the banking and financial sector to the gaming and construction industries. According to the 2023 labour market survey , carried out by Ornamo Art and Design Finland, close to 80% of employees work in private enterprises or non-profit organisations in various industries.

The largest employers of designers are software and digital design agencies. Interior design companies as well as engineering and architecture firms also employ experts in the field. These are followed by specialised design agencies as well as companies within real estate and construction, technology and software.

Part-time entrepreneurship is typical for many professionals. The platform allows designers to showcase this expertise alongside their wage work. The newly launched platform has about 200 profiles, with more added continuously. It’s a good idea to visit the platform several times, even if you don’t find the person you’re looking for on your first visit. The platform is growing and the number of profiles and work samples is constantly increasing, Rikkinen promises.

The platform also provides information for planning design procurement. Through this feature, we want to help design clients and speed up design purchases.

The Finnish Designers platform was also created to interest foreign companies in Finnish design expertise and to find people to work with international projects. The Finnish Designers platform is open to creators and will be launched in autumn 2023.

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Come and listen to interior architect and restorative environment expert Marjut Nousiainen and Ornamo’s art expert Anna Rikkinen discuss the impact of spatial planning on the wellbeing of people. The event is hosted by journalist Sami Sykkö. Everyone interested is welcome to the event! The event will be held in Finnish.

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