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Daniel Zieliński

New President and Board for SPFP

The former Board with its President Bogumiła Jung stepped down and the new President and the Board were elected at the latest SPFP (The Association of Industrial Designers in Poland) General Assembly in September 2019 in Warsaw.

The composition of the new Board is a result of the internal discussion and generational change at the Association. Groups of young designers became members of the Association in each subsequent year. Their expectations towards the Association are different than the needs of the older members and the new Board will try to answer these challenges.

The Board’s new priority will be support in solving problems of everyday professional practice, which does not mean that issues related to ethical standards, promotion of the design field, care for the Association’s heritage or, finally, international relations will not be important.

The new Board of SPFP:
Daniel Zieliński – President, Marzena Wolińska – Vice-President, Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski – Secretary, Maciej Stefański – Treasurer, Karolina Chyziak, Weronika Rochacka, Tomasz Kwiatkowski – Board Members.

Association of Industrial Designers in Poland (SPFP)
Representative for international relations – Michał Stefanowski.

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