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European Commission, Pact for Skills | Pact fors Skills Annual Survey Factsheet

New Survey Shows Pact for Skills Helped Train 3.5 Million Workers

Over 3.5 million workers benefited from the training provided by 2,500 organizations through the Pact for Skills initiative in 2022 and 2023, as revealed in the annual survey results of the Pact. This achievement underscores the critical role of skills development, aligning with the European Year of Skills and accompanying the European Commission’s Action Plan aimed at addressing skills and labour shortages to enhance the EU’s competitiveness and resilience. The Pact for Skills, a key part of the European Skills Agenda, engages a wide range of stakeholders—industry sectors, social partners, educational bodies, public authorities, and employment services—to collaboratively pinpoint skills gaps and implement strategies for upskilling and reskilling the EU workforce.

Overall, the survey shows how the 20 large-scale skills partnerships created under the Pact so far have helped improve the skills of workers in strategic sectors, such as micro-electronics, renewable energy, maritime technology, textiles, agri-food and digital ecosystems. Together, all large-scale skills partnerships under the Pact have pledged to upskill and reskill over 25 million people by 2030. At least one large-scale skills partnership has been set up for each industrial ecosystem of the EU Industrial Strategy.

Other key results of the survey include:

  • A total of 48,000 training programmes were either updated or developed thanks to the Pact, with its members investing €310 million into training programmes.
  • In addition, over 81% of Pact members surveyed find the Pact highly useful for supporting their skills development efforts.
  • Pact members reported that being part of a large-scale skills partnership has improved skills monitoring and anticipation in their sector (80%), enhanced the quality (75%) and increased the volume (73%) of skilling activities, making them more inclusive (76%).

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Factsheet: Pact for Skills survey 2023

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