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READ wants to collaborate in the social and productive regeneration after the pandemic

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 confinement our organisation has been very active, attentive to the events and training for the actions to come. This is what we stated in the declaration “#Estamosencasa #Conectados #Diseñando” of last March 23.

The activity has been intense. We are strengthening the READ Communication Group; attending the biweekly BEDA “Open Doors Dialogues, where we share data and initiatives with our European partners; We have launched the COVID-19 Survey aimed at professionals offering design services in collaboration with Barcelona center de Disseny (BCD), an entity with which we will share results to get a more complete picture of the situation after the confinement; On April 24 we launched our first webinar “Designing for the next world”, a successful initiative of the “From Spain With Design” project working group, and on the 27th we celebrated World Design Day 2020. From the beginning of the lockdown, we have been redesigning our annual meeting “8ENAD. Design before eating”, conceived for September 17th, 18th and 19th in Murcia, to adapt it to the new situation.

In addition, we are holding online meetings with associations and entities with which we collaborate and, at the end of April, we addressed a letter to the President of the Government of Spain to take a step forward in the socio-economic regeneration initiatives that the Government of Spain is proposing to get out of the COVID-19 crisis.

With that same desire to serve, we have adhered to the Open Letter to the Government of Spain to support the Spanish Design Industry promoted by RED and signed by several thousand entities and production companies.

We are also collecting the media repercussions of our work from home and, on May 7th, we participated in the telematic Workshop organised by Packnet, the Spanish Packaging and Packaging Platform.

Thanks to those who are taking care of us, we continue sharing and at your disposal.

Take care and be safe.


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