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Share Your Opinion - Questionnaire About Unregistered Community Design Concept

We kindly ask your opinion on the new concept introduced by EUIPO in 2022, the Unregistered Community Design. In particular, we are seeking responses from those who are in a position of organising a wide range of events, and festivals, but also individual designers, and SMEs introducing new products. Please share the short questionnaire among your members, to gain first-hand feedback on the usefulness of the concept.

“Protection for unregistered Community designs has been effective since 6 March 2002. Designs disclosed for the first time on or after this date will be protected. There is no protection for designs disclosed before this date.”

“Disclosure is making a design available to the public in such a way that the interested circles operating within the European Union (EU) can reasonably be aware of the design. The date and means of disclosure are essential: it creates an unregistered Community design right, but can conversely destroy the novelty of a registered design if the latter is not applied for within 12 months of disclosure. Disclosure must take place within EU territory to create an unregistered Community design right.”

Please complete the questionnaire before 31 July 2023.
Fill Out the Questionnaire:
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Last updated: 20/07/23

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