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by Giovanni Gastel | Stefano Boeri

Stefano Boeri is Creative Explorer for Munich Creative Business Week 2024

With his work, renowned Italian-born architect and professor of architecture Stefano Boeri is exemplary of the new mcbw motto, How to co-create with nature. As author and publisher of Green Obsession. Trees towards Cities. Humans Towards Forests (2021), Boeri will be the keynote speaker at the mcbw design summit scheduled for 13 May 2024, at Munich Urban Colab.

“We have to collaborate with nature and integrate it wherever possible – squares, courtyards, promenades, rooftops, and façades.”
– Stefano Boeri

He continues his quote: “On the occasion of mcbw 2024, I want to share my design approach to reducing damage caused by climate change – which I introduced in Green Obsession and other publications – with everybody who looks into the future of our cities and our species on our planet with courage and optimism.”

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Last updated: 27/01/24

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