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EU Green Deal

Sustainable consumption of goods: The EU Commission would like to hear your views

This initiative promotes a more sustainable use of goods throughout their useful life. It will encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices by providing incentives and tools to use goods for a longer time, including by repairing defective goods.
Have your say by 05 April 2022 (midnight CET).The objectives and policy option of the EU Commission are i.a. welcoming views on the need for, and design of, additional legislative and non-legislative measures to promote sustainable use of goods, which could influence the current relationship between consumers and businesses, with the aim of extending the useful life of goods.
It will also:

  • encourage producers to design goods that last longer and are easily reparable
  • help reduce unsustainable consumption and its negative impact on the global environment and climate
  • help build a circular economy.

Participation requires a registration for the EU webportal.

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