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The Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency was established as a subsidiary of the Hungarian Tourism Agency in 2018, with the aim of providing structured and efficient professional assistance to all players in the fashion and design industry.

One of our strategic roles is to provide a common platform to all the actors in the industry to showcase their creativity throughout events, conferences and fashion shows, where the audience can meet with designers and to create dialogues between all players, discuss and share their ideas to develop the creative industry. These events aim to introduce the Hungarian fashion and design industry to a wider, international audience, and to make Budapest a regional center of fashion and design.

Organised by the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency, Budapest Central European Fashion Week (BCEFW) takes place from 7th-10th November 2019 to celebrate the creative and commercial importance of regional fashion industry and international partnerships.

The Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit will be held at the MOME Master Campus on 7th November 2019 as a highlight of the Budapest Central European Fashion Week featuring Spring/Summer 2020 collections.

The all-day program – organized by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency – brings together professionals from all around the world to share their expertise on issues that are currently most relevant to the industry, such as sustainability, digitalisation and innovative business solutions. The organizers of the Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit attach great importance to communication and information exchange within the profession. The aim of the conference, which will be held in a tradition-making way, is to place Budapest on the palette of sustainable fashion capitals and to play a leader role in making the Central European region more sustainable.

The Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is interested in the future of fashion, technological innovation or the environmentally conscious solutions that characterize the future of fashion.The presentations are in English.

Detailed program and list of presenters coming soon!

For more information about the event, email info@hfda.huWe reserve the right to make changes of the program!

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