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The New BEDA Website, Serving the Design Community with New and Improved Features

Welcome to the new website of the Bureau of European Design Associations. Design can be a tool for transformative societal power and sustainable growth. As a member organisation, we celebrate our members, their actions and the power of design.

“The revamped website provides a platform for a unified European voice for design and hence the ability to influence policy at all levels of governance from European to local. This is BEDA’s purpose and the relaunched website intends to communicate and leverage this.”

Isabelle Vérilhac, BEDA President

What’s new?

“Design industry has an enormous impact on the GDP and is also characterised by a vibrant community. Designers have a strong sense of this community and a deep understanding that values such as democracy and freedom are the frame of the profession.”

Christina Melander, BEDA Vice President

The BEDA website embodies this with the changed navigation, the focus on value-driven content and the unique, Europe-wide calendar for events around design. Spreading across more than 25 countries, BEDA’s 50+ members organise more than 1000 events every year to educate designers, address politics and give the public an insight into an industry that plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of all EU citizens. The newly structured Member Zone gives BEDA member organisations the opportunity to position themselves on an European platform and provides access to exclusive in-depth information.

Creating Impact for and with Design

Since its founding in 1969 BEDA has developed and accelerated the impact of design on all levels of European politics. With the relaunched website BEDA is taking stock, aims to leverage its impact and looks ahead into a future where sustainability, ethics and lifelong learning are going to be core competencies – not only of designers but also on a broader European societal level.

The relaunch of the BEDA website intends to provide a clear focus on what we do, why we do it and the impact design has on all levels of society.

Last updated: 15/09/23

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