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Turkey Design Council launches Arkki’s award-winning education solution for children in Turkey

Turkey Design Councilis starting the education programs of Finland-based Arkki as of July. In this creative education school, children and young people aged 4-19 discover and develop their innovative skills through architecture and design.

Turkey Design Council held a launch with the participation of Finnish Ambassador Ari Mäki. The launch speeches were about how Arkki helps the kids of today to reach their fullest potential and become the creative leaders of tomorrow. Finnish Ambassador Ari Mäki also mentioned, “I wish I would have had the opportunity to participate in Arkki’s activities in my childhood.”

Working in innovative education to develop children’s 5C skills (complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, cooperation, communication) for 28 years, Arkki International has the opportunity to share this know-how with the children in Turkey in collaboration with Turkey Design Council. Thanks to Arkki’s cross-disciplinary STEAM approach through architecture and design, Arkki Turkey aims to empower Turkish children with essential 21st-century skills.

The New European Bauhaus EU initiative meets children through #ArkkiNEB project. Arkki International joins this call to ensure that children’s voices are heard in this project across Europe and invites children to ideate innovative solutions for beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive living in the future. Children from Turkey will contribute to Europe’s future vision by imagining the future life and cities this summer. The long-term courses will start in İstanbul this year, and the main goal is to expand to other cities in Turkey.

Find out more about the Arkki International,Arkki Turkey, and #ArkkiNEB project.

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