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WIDC 2021: Keynote speech by BEDA president Isabelle Vérilhac now online

The third World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC) took place from 22nd to 24th October 2021 in Yantai, Shandong Province, China. With the theme of “Design the Age of Digital Intelligence”, WIDC2021 promoted the deep integration of industrial design with technical intelligence and industrial Internet. As official partner of the WIDC, BEDA received a special invitation to actively contribute to the WIDC2021 by giving a keynote speech that was streamed live during the conference. Isabelle Vérilhac introduced the BEDA community to the international delegates and pointed out BEDA’s vision of embracing design as driver for sustainable growth and prosperity.

BEDA is the voice of design in Europe and seeks to develop exchange and cooperation on an international level, especially with China.“, Isabelle said and presented the New European Bauhaus initiative as large scale creative and interdisciplinary movement for helping to improve our lives. Furthermore, she introduced BEDA as active collaboration partner of the Industrial Forum by the European Commission. Isabelle stated, “A relevant challenge is to recognize design as a transversal process through all industrial sectors.“.

The Conference included various activities online and offline, the Opening Ceremony of WIDC2021, the WIDC Exhibition, 2021 China Industry Design Top 100 Award Ceremony, the Gala Night of Designers and Post-epidemic & Intelligent Age Design Trends Forum.Watch the keynote speech of Isabelle Vérilhac, BEDA president: HERE

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