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Work at BEDA in 2022

For the first time, BEDA worked with a member organisation behind the scenes. You might have noticed the pick up in communication activity across BEDA’s social platforms, this is attributed to the dynamic work of Tamara from designaustria who supports BEDA with its communication September 2021–February 2022.We are ever so grateful to designaustria for their invaluable support during the transition phase of BEDA’s administrative team. However, as a public association and to be fair to all members we wish to open up this opportunity to all member organisations. BEDA is accepting applications for a communication position starting from February 2022 (12 month contract).
If your organisation is interested in supporting BEDA’s communication please contact Anna at for more information.Recently, BEDA received a speculative internship application by Thyr Björnson. Again we took this opportunity to trial this as a potential opportunity for BEDA members. While it is not a placement in the traditional sense it is a great opportunity for junior members of your organisation to get work experience. We haven’t got a position available at the moment but we’ll reach out to you once we do. Of course you can keep this in mind and reach out if this would be of interest for you.

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