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XVII Tallinn Design Festival 19-25 Sept 2022

The XVII Tallinn Design Festival brings into focus topics related to
sustainability and green design. And no surprise: it would be inappropriate to talk only about aesthetics at a time when bullets are whistling nearby, climate change has become increasingly catastrophic, and the economy is going downhill.

With international experts we will show the public products and services which consider current but also future environment, and will discuss on methods to readjust the impact of human activities on surroundings in an era fixed on economic success.

The festival is opened by EAA’s fashion show, whose clothing collections made using circular design methods reach us from Kenya. The delegation from Mexican universities appears at many events, including a notable presentation of biodesign for drag queens.

In the conference we will hear thoughts from David Kusuma, President of the WDO and John Thackara, pioneer green-thinker, Reet Aus, fashion innovator. Also Paula Nerlich, Sergio Dávila, Eray Sertaç Ersayin are presenting at the conference. Päivi Tahkokallio will lead the panel discussion. PechaKucha hosts a stage for many foreign students.

Those interested can learn essential recycling tricks, for example, in Marta Konovalov’s knitwear repair workshop, or in the leather workshop of Anthony Luciano.

The highlight of the festival is the Estonian Design Awards gala, where the best of different design fields will be announced. We are glad that ex President of BEDA, Päivi Tahkokallio agreed to participate in the international jury panel.

Old Tsarist textile factory’s infinitely columned halls will be filled with several local and international exhibitions, such as “3R – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse” presented by the Italian Embassy; design students’ theses on the environment via the UK’s ArtsThread platform in cooperation with Gucci. Estonian design schools will exhibit their outcomes.

The most exciting local clothing design can be seen at the Clothing Design Show D_O_M. Visitors’ favourite Design Street will take place on September 24 and 25. Tours are taking place in the Baltic Manufactory area.

Tallinn Design Festival reaches beyond the Manufactory: satellites hosting various exhibitions, tours and product presentations shine throughout the city. Among them, the exhibition “50 Bags to Live For” by the designer Anthony Luciano from New York will delight vintage-friends.

As the Manufactory, we as a society also seem to be between two eras. However, Tallinn Design Festival is a place to think about the era up ahead. So, let us contemplate and dream!

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