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image by Roosa Burman | Iiris Adenius


BEDA Event

BEDA Open Door Dialogue: Design as a Competitive Edge


08:00 - 09:30 CET


BEDA members only

Hosts: Iiris Adenius, Lawyer at Ornamo Art and Design Finland
Topic: Design as a Competitive Edge

Why members should join:
Designers invest a lot of resources into creating original work. Knowing how to utilize intellectual property rights is crucial for protecting your rights, commercializing design, creating beneficial collaborations, as well as avoiding unnecessary legal battles. Join this BEDA Open Doors Dialogue session to hear more about BEDA’s and Ornamo’s collaborative project DAACE and how to participate in it. Your questions, needs and feedback will shape the materials and tools that will be created for designers during this project.

The Design-as-a-Competitive-Edge (DAACE) project, spearheaded by Ornamo Art and Design Finland and the BEDA, aims to empower designers and SMEs to leverage design as a strategic and competitive element in their businesses. By fostering collaboration among over 50 design organizations across 28 European countries, DAACE focuses on enhancing the understanding and utilization of intellectual property (IP) in connection with business strategies, thereby helping participants to build sustainable business models around design.

More About the Project:…-beda-and-ornamo/

Open to all BEDA Members, the BEDA Open Door Dialogue (ODD) is an ongoing series of dialogues with a dedicated topic discussing industry-relevant topics. The dialogues take place once per month.

Members can access this online event:

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  2. via the Zoom link posted in the Member Area
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