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BEDA Open Doors Dialogue: AI - Fluid Proceeding(s)


17:00 - 18:30 CET


BEDA members only

Topic: AI: Fluid Proceeding(s)
Host: Prof. Regina Hanke , Board Member BEDA, Deutscher Designtag, and a WHO AI4Health Member

This session will be a platform to collect your questions, insights, wishes, and fears. The ODD will provide a first overview of the EU AI ACT — what it is about and what it might mean for design. This overview is NOT a piece of legal advice — it should foster an understanding of the structure and thinking behind the regulations and what still has to be defined.

We have all lived with machine learning and its impact since the turn of the millennium. The disruptive quality jump in Basic Models and Usability, referring to the fundamental models and their practical application, since 2023 has provoked debates, influenced regulations, and undoubtedly sparked discussions around topics such as the role of humans, IP Rights, and the destruction or savour of design. So-called artificial intelligence (still a scholastic parrot) is part of daily processes, and we all use it.

Now, as the dust settles and the hype cycle reaches its needed ‘slope of enlightenment’ and ‘plateau of productivity’, we have a unique opportunity to delve deeper, to understand beyond the fears and shining hopes, and to empower ourselves with knowledge.

Open to all BEDA Members, the BEDA Open Door Dialogue (ODD) is an ongoing series of dialogues with a dedicated topic discussing industry-relevant topics. The dialogues take place once per month.

Members can access this online event:

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