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Creative Skills Week 2024



Creative Skills Week 2024

LIVE programme in Amsterdam, 18 & 19 September

The European Commission recently recognised the cultural and creative industries (CCI) as one of Europe’s leading industrial sectors. Well, we already knew that! This presents an opportunity to come together, think about the future of our sector, and address skills needs and reskilling across the whole creative ecosystem.

The second edition of Creative Skills Week, powered by the SACCORD project (of which BEDA is a consortium partner), in association with the Blueprint Project, CYANOTYPES, invites you to actively participate in shaping and steering discussion around skills, addressing gaps, opportunities for upskilling, and to start shaping strategic skills for future creatives.

Join the active community who believe in the power of creativity, skilling and learning from 16 – 20 September 2024 (in person and online). The LIVE programme will take place in Amsterdam on 18 & 19 September, kindly hosted by the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Arts.

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