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Who We Are

Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) is optimistic and believes that the problem-solving capacity of designers can improve the world. That’s why DDF offers designers opportunities, support, publicity and a platform. DDF organizes events like Dutch Design Week, World Design Embassies and Dutch Design Awards and is active far beyond the Netherlands. Through debates, lectures, exhibitions and gatherings staged all year round, DDF provides a platform for talented, entrepreneurial designers, helping to disseminate their ideas and work. DDF aims to strengthen the position and impact of Dutch designers and to show how designers around the world are shaping a positive future. To achieve this, DDF manifests itself in four roles: Matchmaker (connecting designers to clients), Accelerator (accelerating the research or creation process), Podium (offering an international platform in various ways), Inspirator (we inspire change makers with explorations of the future).

What We Do

Our top high profile projects:

Dutch Design Week: Experiment, innovation and cross-overs in design
Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven in October since 2002. Ranked by some design media in the top 10 of design festivals of the world. It brings works and ideas of more than 2,000 (inter)national designers to thousands of (inter)national visitors – professionals and fans. In more than 100 locations across the city, DDW organizes and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, workshops, debates and festivities. Emphasizing on experiment, innovation and cross-overs, DDW concentrates on the design of the future and the future of design.

Dutch Design Awards: An ever-growing collection of outstanding Dutch design.
Dutch Design Awards (DDA) are the national awards for design and have been leading in the interpretation of excellent Dutch design for years. The Dutch design community is invited every year to submit its best work for a Dutch Design Award in various categories, including Habitat, Design Research, Product, Service & Systems, Young Designer and Best Commissioning.

World Design Embassies: New perspectives on how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
By means of design embassies for the future, DDF, together with alliances of business, research and governmental partners and designers, collaborate on scenario’s that cope with societal challenges, such as climate change, food , liveable cities, water, circular + biobased building and healthcare. For several years partners create scenarios to new perspectives for the world of tomorrow, that are showcased during Dutch Design Week.

What if labs: Increasing the design impact.
What if Lab challenges businesses and governments and the design world to unite and come up with specific answers to current issues. What if Lab is about exchange: possible clients in government and business get the chance to work closely with professionals in design and designers get the chance to work on large, more complex challenges. Both parties broaden their network at the same time.

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