Who We Are

The Valletta Design Cluster (VDC) within the Valletta Cultural Agency is a community space for cultural and creative practice situated in the renovated Old Abattoir in Valletta. The VDC supports design and entrepreneurship having a positive social impact, taking collaborative creative approaches as the key to achieve benefits for individuals, communities and society at large.

What We Do

The VDC aims at bridging gaps which may feature in the current cultural and creative ecosystem by actively engaging with practitioners working on initiatives targeting cultural and social wellbeing. We encourage the application of design-thinking, multi-disciplinarity and cooperation as tools for community development. Our community members consist of Valletta residents, students, designers, artists, freelancers and SMEs, public bodies, academics, techies, food lovers, civil society activists and NGOs, and more. The VDC provides facilities, expertise and opportunities to its communities.

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