Design Promotion Institution

Who We Are

“Zamek” means “a castle” – and we’re a unique castle which functions as a design centre. Castles symbolize stability and memory, whereas design embodies modernity and change. Could anything be more selfcontradictory? And yet, we have existed since 2005 in a small town on the Polish-Czech border, promoting good design and showing how to make good use of it. We cooperate with companies, NGOs, and public institutions – wherever innovative thinking is in demand. We support any activity that can improve the quality of life, also backing social innovators who design solutions for elderly people and persons with disabilities. What is more, we help companies adapt to ongoing changes and we accompany young people in the first steps on their career paths. By organising specialist courses, we teach how to use design thinking in practice. We constantly search for new areas of development for traditional handicraft techniques and natural materials. Feel invited to visit our exhibitions and the oldest historical landmarks of Cieszyn Silesia!Ul. Zamkowa 3 a, b, c
43-400 Cieszyn, Poland

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