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iF Design Awards

PDR Has Won Two iF Design Awards

The PDR, a BEDA member organization, has achieved remarkable success at this year’s iF Design Awards, securing wins in two categories with innovative projects: the Hydrobean water quality monitoring device and the ReGen circular design baby stroller.

The Hydrobean, developed in collaboration with Cardiff University, represents a pioneering step forward in environmental monitoring. It’s a low-cost, easy-to-use device designed for continuous water quality measurement in rivers, empowering citizen scientists and local communities to take an active role in understanding and protecting their natural water resources. This recognition underscores the importance of innovative design in addressing environmental challenges and enhancing our understanding of river ecosystems.

Similarly, the ReGen Stroller breaks new ground in sustainable product design, targeting a significant reduction in waste by offering the first fully circular, sustainable baby stroller on the market. Developed for iCandy, the ReGen Stroller embodies a commitment to combining functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility, a testament to our shared vision for a more sustainable future. This award highlights our dedication to innovation and design quality, driving solutions that meet today’s needs and protect tomorrow’s world.

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