About us

BEDA sees design as a key driver for sustainable innovation, transformation of societies, and planetary well-being.

Mission Statement

Mehmet Furkan Demirci, an accomplished architect and design leader, graduated from Istanbul Technical University and has extensive experience in architectural projects both domestically and internationally. He played a key role in founding the Türkiye Design Council, where he engaged in urban planning, design, and community projects.

As Chairman of the Türkiye Design Council, Furkan has consulted for major companies and managed strategic communication and design projects. He co-founded the 23 Platform to nurture future leaders and has contributed to European Union and Istanbul Development Agency projects on creative industries.

Furkan’s mission is to advance BEDA’s goals by fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, advocating for design’s role in societal agendas, and promoting diversity and inclusion within the design community. He aims to inspire cross-disciplinary collaboration and drive innovation for a sustainable and inclusive future, strengthening BEDA’s impact on European policies.

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