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BEDA Design Forum 2024: COOL Europe - by Design

COOL Europe – by Design
Connected, Optimistic, Open, Long-lasting

Join us for the 2024 BEDA Design Forum in Brussels on 30 May.

The iconic Design Museum Brussels will be the venue for this year’s BEDA Design Forum, themed “Cool Europe.” Together, we will delve into the influence and allure of connectivity, optimism, openness, and longevity in design. We aim to pave the way for a future where creativity aligns with purpose and sustainability – in its broadest sense.

The programme includes a blend of talks, updates from Europe, and knowledge exchange, fostering inspiration and emphasising the value of meaningful conversations.

We acknowledge the current challenges and crises, recognizing their devastating impact. However, if we cannot envision a better future, how can we design for it? We believe in fostering enthusiasm over worry, optimism over pessimism, and focusing on potentials rather than problems. We deserve to have faith that positive change is possible.

Design has always been about creating meaning and adding value, often in entirely new and unconventional ways, driven by creative talent, courage, and the ability to push boundaries.

The programme is currently under construction, but registration is open. The BEDA Design Forum is free, but seating is limited.


Members of BEDA are invited to join the BEDA General Assembly 2024 on the following day, 31 May. All required information is issued via email and can also be accessed in the BEDA Member Zone.

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