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Mike Auerbach | BEDA and EUIPO Workshop About Process Oriented Service Design, Berlin 2023

BEDA and EUIPO Explores the Process Oriented Service Design Together

On 4 September, before the Design European Award 2023 in Berlin, BEDA conducted a workshop for the European Union Intellectual Property Office team with Karin Kuhl (Director, Operations Department), Miguel Gusmão (Deputy Director, Operations Department), and Eamonn Kelly (Operations Department, Head of Service) with the aim of fostering a first insight into Process-Oriented Service Design.

The workshop started with four outstanding speakers: Prof. Jan-Erik Baars (Director of ‘CAS Design Management, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts), Pamela Mead (SVP of Global Design at SumUp), Pia Betton (Design and Site Director at Nutanix Germany), and Adam Cochrane (Senior Strategic Designer at Lufthansa Innovation Hub). Mark Illi, VP of BEDA, stressed the point that ‘currently IP Rights are solely based on tangible, visible artefacts. Yet, Processes or Services are intangible.’ In the lively discussion thereafter, different crucial aspects, such as the impact of service design on business success or failure, were discussed.

As a first result, EUIPO and BEDA will continue the discussion around ‘intangible or process-oriented design artefacts’ such as those created through Service Design.

In this context, Regina Hanke and Anna Kohut-Janko (Board Members of BEDA) are sure that

‘the topic of ‘Intangible Design Artefacts’ has to be discussed. Yet, whether those design artefacts should be part of future regulations or if those intangible artefacts should be protected by IP Rights is open.’

BEDA sees a high impact of IP Rights for Trademarks and Design Rights on the Creative Industry, and in particular for Design. IP Rights are the insurance for Designers and Companies to create business models and ensure a possible future income source. The current design rights are based on tangible, visual artefacts. This excludes a wide array of artefacts, for example, those developed through Service Design. BEDA strives to foster this discussion with the European Union Intellectual Property Office – as we see design as a key driver for sustainable innovation, the transformation of societies with a human and planet-centered thinking.

We would like to thank our participating member organisations of BEDA from Germany, bayern design, Deutscher DesignTag, and the German Design Council, and the support of the Representation of the European Union in Germany. Our gratitude goes to the BEDA Past President Isabelle Vérhilac, who together with Päivi Tahkokallio, set the frame for this important partnership between EUIPO and BEDA. Without their support, this kick-off workshop wouldn’t have been possible.

Last updated: 12/02/24

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