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BEDA Welcomes New President and Vice President

Exciting news in the world of BEDA! On 9 June 2023 BEDA held its 54th General Assembly which was hosted by the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen. As a result, BEDA is thrilled to announce the new President, Christina Melander (Danish Design Centre), and the newly elected Vice President, Mark Illi (Swiss Design Association).

“As the newly appointed President of BEDA, I am honoured and humbled but most of all thrilled to embark on this journey of leading the design sector towards a more sustainable, regenerative and just future. I am committed to bringing optimism and confidence to the European design community, while identifying our focus and staying dedicated to it. Together, we will dream big, yet remain pragmatic, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing administrative burdens, as we strive to provide value to our members and expand our influence.”

Christina Melander, BEDA President, Program Director at Danish Design Centre

Illustrated by the dynamic events in Copenhagen Christina is bringing fresh ideas and a passion for design. Mark Illi, who was first elected to the BEDA Board in May 2022, is promising to bring a delightful blend of creativity and pragmatism to the team. With this dynamic duo leading the way, the BEDA community is perfectly equipped for a design journey that’s both inspiring and enjoyable for all BEDA members and partners.

“I am looking forward to further strengthening design in Europe and for Europe. Our societies need strong creative skills to adapt and make change happen. I know that BEDA can deliver a significant contribution.”

Mark Illi, BEDA Vice President, Board Member of the Swiss Design Association

With the creation of the new position of Past President, the previous president Isabelle Vérlihac from Cité du design (term 2021-2023) who led BEDA through an eventful two years passed on her duties to the new president becoming a voluntary advisor. This will ensure a smooth transition between presidents. BEDA is thanking Isabelle for her hard work and dedication to BEDA and the design community.

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Last updated: 15/09/23

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