The role of ecodesign in the Circular Economy

Many believe the future of the European economy lies in the circular economy, and design has a vital part to play; BCD report on this recent conference in Brussels.


BEDA Members from fourteen countries gathered in Milan earlier this month for the inaugural GA+, hosted at Politecnico di Milano to coincide with the Cumulus conference.

BEDA GA+ & the Design Europe 2021 Network Call

We report on our recent Network Call success, and invite BEDA members to participate in the first GA+ day of creative networking in Milan this June.

Supporting innovation and opportunity in EU design IPR

In the positioning paper, BEDA offers some proposals with the aim of supporting opportunity, enterprise and innovation in EU design IPR.

BEDA Vision on the Design Profession

Through its positioning papers, BEDA offers guidance to members in addressing changing demands on individual design practitioners, design firms and the design industry at large.

BEDA Positioning Paper on Public Procurement

BEDA Positioning Paper on Public Procurement – spread the word.

Design Issues in Europe Today

It is the combination of artistry and usefulness that makes design the creative industry par excellence.

European Design Report

BEDA present this first European Design Report of national facts and figures on the design sector from 27 European countries.

Design and the Regions

The fifth event in BEDA’s communication series took place in Brussels on 12 June 2003.